Surgical services include:

Spays: Spaying is the surgical removal of the female reproductive organs (the uterus and ovaries). Having your female spayed before her first heat reduces the risk of mammary cancer. Spaying at any age prevents the development of a potentially fatal uterine infection called pyometra.

Neuters: Neutering is the surgical removal of the male reproductive organs (the testicles). Having your male neutered at about 6 months of age reduces the chance of developing poor behavioral traits such as marking, humping and aggression. It also prevents your pet from developing testicular cancer and reduces the risk of prostate issues later in life.

Dentals: Proper dental care is perhaps the most over looked issue in animal health. Most pet owners do not realize the severity of dental disease; they just think their pet has bad breath. But dental disease is so much more than bad breath. A diseased mouth not only makes it difficult for the pet to eat comfortably, it also acts as a gateway for bacteria to infect the rest of the body. The bacteria that causes dental disease also has direct access to the blood stream and can travel into the body, causing problems in the heart, liver and kidneys.

Other surgeries: We offer an array of surgical procedures, both elective and emergency. Please call us to inquire. There is also the possibility that your doctor may refer you to a specialist for some surgical procedures. It is important to remember that a referral to a specialist is always done in your pet’s best interest and that Palm Beach Animal Hospital will always be there for your pet’s post surgical care.

At Palm Beach Animal Hospital we offer surgery Monday through Friday, by appointment after a veterinary patient/client relationship has been established.

Note: We always perform pre-surgical blood testing, place an IV catheter, and administer IV fluids during surgery. Appropriate sedatives and pain medications are utilized before and after surgery. All animals under anesthesia are placed on a circulating warm water blanket and are attached to monitors which measure all vital parameters.

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